BDC structure and payplans

Richard Lovering
My question is related to how many of you structure your sales BDC's and how you pay your people. How do you handle ownership of clients? Do you have one person from your BDC follow up with a client or do all BDC reps share ownership of a client? Do you pay for appointments? Do you pay for sold leads? Who do you pay? The person who schedules the appointment or the person who performed the majority of the follow up with the client? We're in the process of reinventing our BDC and we want to make sure it's fair and equitable for all our reps. At the same time we want to create the BEST experience for our customers!! Thanks for any thoughts!
Dan Ferguson
Rich - just sent a few different plans to your inbox. Cheers.
Nicki Allen
Richard- I have several examples if you want to direct message me your email address I will forward all of them. This is the one we find works best. Let me know if you have any questions. Salary: $1500.00 Per Month (or hourly wage) Commission: • CRC Specialist is paid per appointment made and that actually shows up at the Dealership for the appointment, in accordance with the schedule below. Customers that do not show up for an appointment scheduled do not count for appointment commission purposes. • CRC Specialist is paid per appointment sold in accordance with the schedule below. All Customer appointments, which result in the sale of a vehicle, count as sold appointments. • Commissions earned, will be paid on approximately the 15TH day of the month, following the month in which the commission was earned. Appointment Commission - Unit Bonus: • 20-29 Units = $10.00 per • 30-39 Units = $11.00 per • 40-49 Units = $12.50 per • 50-59 Units = $13.50 per • 60-69 Units = $14.50 per • 70 + Units = $16.00 per Sold Appointment Commission - Unit Bonus: • 12-21 Units = $20.00 per • 22-29 Units = $22.50 per • 30-39 Units = $25.00 per • 40-49 Units = $27.50 per • 50-59 Units = $30.00 per • 60-69 Units = $32.50 per • 70 + Units = $35.00 per
Chris Costner
Good Morning Rich, I do have some examples I will be happy to send to you. One thing I do not like to see is the salesperson making less money when they sell a BDC client. This makes the two departments work against each other. So if possible, try to make sure the sales staff pay plans are not affected in any way. In regards to the BDC Specialist, I don't ever want to give them a doubt on whether to have a client visit or not visit. I believe a pay plan consisting of a small salary paid on the 1st of the month and the remaining consisting of "appointment shows". With the process I have set up, it is rare that my staff had anything to do with the vehicle being sold. Now some may disagree with me but when concentrating on selling the appointment and keeping away from as many specifics as possible, it is hard to make claim it was all because of the BDC if they buy. I have seen pay plans having commission for the "appointment show" and another bonus for "appointment sold." My thoughts are is that you and the dealership want as many prospective purchasers as possible standing in the showroom. Thats when I went to a strictly "appointment show" pay plan with the small salary and a CSI bonus. Even if there is doubt a client can purchase or seems like a waste of time, set the appointment and work the deal when they arrive. We all have seen it over and over of deal being made when you least expected it. The reason why I included the CSI bonus is that when the customer does buy, the entire experience will be reflected upon including the time they made initial contact with the dealership. If you have any questions regarding my staff's pay plans or processes, please do not hesitate to email me at: or call me directly at: 757.289.1860 Here is to a strong close for July 2011 my friend. Regards, Chris
Steve Devereaux
Dan, would you possibly be able to send me the pay plans to? is my e-mail. I'd really appreciate it if you can! Thank you.
Richard Lovering
Thanks so much for the replies all. Dan, I didn't see anything from you. Please feel free to send me any material at Thanks again all! Ricky

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