BDC/Internet Manager Pay Plan Reevaluation ... Your Input/Advice?

Stan Sher
You need a game plan. You see what is going on already. You need to consider your market and look at how the stores around you are doing. Present your game plan on how to grow the business and have them listen. If they object and have no interest then look for a new job. You can't help a dealership that does not want to be helped. If you can't help them you can't help yourself.
Robert DiPalma
Thank you for commenting Stan. I was trying to keep my post brief since it was getting rather long. I have a plan for sure. First, I am going to suggest a 3rd party lead source which will give me more leads to work with. Of course this still will not get me where I need to be compensation wise. I can also explain how I have completely re-written the antiquated follow-up process that I inherited in the CRM. Second,we have a web-advertising company we use, who me and the GSM met with yesterday. 13% of our website's traffic is from mobile devises and I was aware that we did not have a mobile site even though it was included with our website's package, so that is being built. Since they are in charge of our FaceBook and Twitter, they are also going to update them more frequent now. Thirdly, the salesman DO NOT use a CRM, blasphemy in my world! I can increase overall dealership productivity drastically if we did! Me and/or the GSM could oversee follow-up and hold salespeople accountable! However, all this said, I am not sure they want to make these steps. I certainly plan on pitching these ideas and their value. Since I will be asking for more, I also plan on offering my help on TO's, (which might get our closing rate up) overseeing walk-in follow-up, or any other way I can. I am glad you brought it up, I certainly would not ask for more money without demonstrating the value I can offer. The thing is, if I was willing to work for what I am going to make with my current pay plan, then they should not want me! The question still beckons ... what pay plan/incentive plan should I suggest that they might go for? I have some ideas but I would like others input.
David Parrott
I spent 10 years running Internet Departments and BDC's. Next time a GSM or anyone else tells you how many leads per month they are averaging you have to ask to see the reports from the CRM before you take the job. If you catch them in a lie you can assume they will be lying about your average income as well. A couple of things I would recommend is going on and see what your unique visitor count looks like on your website. If it is low check your competitors in the area with and see what their unique visitor count looks like. Google your store and specific models in your zip code or town and see if the competitors are on a pay per click campaign to take your potential customers. If you don't have chat on your website get it! I now work for Contact At Once the largest chat company in the U.S. and whether you get our program or someone elses chat is the hottest thing going to capture all the leads you can once people visit your website. If the traffic is there but your competitors are taking it from you pay to get it back! Don't buy leads they are a waste of money. You are way better off paying to drive traffic to your own site. Once they get to your site speed is everything. The faster you can answer the better. If your GSM makes excuses and doesn't see the value in getting more opportunities find another GSM to work for and learn from this lesson.
David Parrott
One more thing to add. You have a great pay plan for a store getting a good volume of opportunities. If the store sees the value in adding to the opportunities stay!
Robert DiPalma
Dave thank you for the reply. I am not so sure that my pay plan is "great," let's do some math @ 100 leads per month... If I can make contact with 70% = 70 people Of those 70 if I set appts. with 70% that = 50 Appts (well 49 but 50 is a round number) If 60% of those appts show that = 30 Shown Appt. If we close 40% that = 12 Sales (Our closing percentage of my appts is <25% atm) All of these numbers are way better than the national averages! But I feel I am better than average!!! But even using these... So that is (30x$25)+(12x25)=$1050 comm/month or ($1050/4.3) ~245/week Add that to my salary $245+$450= $695/wk or $36,140/yr Still think that is a "Great Pay Plan" ?
Robert DiPalma
Conversely to make $70k/yr which I think is fair and what I am worth. I would need to have a combination of 38 shown appts and sales per week. Let's look at this... Assuming a closing rate of 40%, (Which we aren't close to!) if I were to get 27 people through the door we would sell about 11. That equals 38x$25 or 950+450 salary ~70k/yr. However to achieve this I would need 27 people showing up per week... Well 27 x 4.3 weeks in a month = 116 shown appts per month! Well, we are only getting 95-100 leads and ~10-15 phone calls a month ... So to make $70k I would essentially need every lead to make an appt and show! I am good but not that good!!!!

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