Behavioral Targeting

Andy Warner
A study from researchers at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of California Berkeley School of Law and the Annenberg Public Policy Center reports that consumers would not prefer to look at relevant advertisements and offers. Recently, vendors have claimed the opposite in that most consumers prefer seeing ads tailored to their interests. Does anyone have any insight or opinions regarding this new finding?
Andy Warner
My apologies... Here is a link to the story...
Jared Hamilton
Interesting article. I think it has to do with the context of the survey. Here is what I mean: Facebook is exploding because, i believe, in part that people get exactly relevant information by connecting with friends. Google thrives because they have laser focus on providing relevant content. Clearly people want relevancy. HOWEVER, what I dont think they like is the idea of their web activity being tracked from site, to site, to site. This feels like someone is spying on you. Much of the survey discusses peoples understanding, or lack thereof, about how they are tracked on the web and shared data about how people feel uncomfortable with it. (understandable I think) But tracking behavior off of one site, is a totally different issue and I believe relevancy is good. My 2 cents, consumers want relevancy but dont want the cross site tracking that often is required to deliver relevancy. When making ad decisions, look at the stats.
Susan Burgess
See, for me behavioral targeting works in the realm of providing the customer what they are looking for as Jared said. I love what Jazel websites offer the consumer and I hope I can get Homer Skelton Millington Ford to take a leap of faith and try the benefit of behavioral targeting when the customer is on the dealership website.

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