Best on-going training methods?

Ron Henson
Hi Gregory. Having spent most of my adult life in dealerships I have had years of experience with both methods mentioned above as well as many hybrids. My two cents is this: There are certainly pros and cons to both methods. I am a proponent of using technology to further the cause in training so I feel that web based training accompanied with performance coaching and analytics is a great method. I am not opposed to in-store, hands on training but it seems that when the trainer leaves the impact leaves until they come back 3 months later.
Gregory Gershman
Thanks for the input Ron! Personally I am a very kinesthetic learner, so I always liked hands on energy. That being said I can see your side, consistency and measurement are the keys. So if the only way for your store to get consistent training is via video than that is the best method.
Ernie Kasprowicz
Training that involves using as many of the 5 senses as possible tends to make an impact. I am a proponent of daily training, if even only for 30 minutes. A lot of material can be covered in a continued series of highly focused 30 minute time spans. Daily 30 minute training meetings are a great way to build and keep a sharp sales team.
Chris Olson
I should state that my response is self-serving, but I can tell you training without accountability and repetition is money wasted. Furthermore, many dealers lack the store culture(processes) to use most training to it's fullest. What good does it do to train your staff on what to say if the don't follow up in the first place, or there is no repercussion to telling a customer you need to go "touch the car" and call them right back. One very effective training method is role playing.

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