Best Practices for Recruiting

Bart Wilson
We all know you are as good as your people. However, especially with salespeople, good people are hard to find. What are some best practices for recruiting, hiring, and retaining these good people?
Jared Hamilton
Recruiting is tough. I think one of the best ways is to actively go meet sales people at other well respected organizations. Furniture sales, electronic sales, water softener sales reps... there are lots that you can talk to and recruit over. Its obvious, but many people don't have pay plans that are conducive to recruiting. Telling someone that they don't make an income until they succeed at something they have never done is essentially what you are saying if you put a commission only pay plan in front of someone who never has sold cars... then we wonder why they don't want to work for us?? (doesn't make a whole lot of sense)
Matt Lamoureux
While I was with Acton Toyota I formed a relationship with local area colleges which allowed me and my team to perform on campus interviews of graduating students to fill positions in our Internet Sales Department. Another method you might want to consider is to recruit new hires on CraigsList. I personally have no first hand experience with this; however, I have heard from several different automotive professionals that strong candidates are often discovered through this channel.
Philip Zelinger
I have found that recruiting starts at home! Employee retention trumps recruiting every time. Good management support and compensation plans tied to performance without constant pay plan changes brought about by a shrinking bottom line that wasn't the individual contributors fault will keep a stable staff and eliminate the turnover that forces the need to recruit a replacement. Interdepartment transfers rather than losing a good employee is another internal opportunity.(Not to mention the lost customer relationships the employee has developed which will leave with him/her.) Also,internally solicited "referrals" with signing bonuses and bird dogs paid to the staff member - NOT LIMITED TO THE SALES STAFF - who invited the new employee will go a long way in developing employees that want to join their happy friends! I can add the obvious recruiting sites like Career Builder that have reverse look up applications to review 1,000's of resumes that fit your needs so you can find them before they find

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