Best trial close questions

Ron Henson
What are some of the best trial close questions and techniques that you and/or your team use? Is a trial close different than a deal close?
Rebecca Banner
Any Dealer selling payments today is dealing with very ignorant customers. That is so old school. People are paying the full amount and that's what they want to know. They can whip out their phones and get the payment information easy enough. Guess there are still suclers out there buying payments for Seven years,
Clint Jones
I am going to side with Chris on this. Chris just went through a very "real world" scenario. You kind of have to read a little into what he is saying. He told the customer what their trade in was worth. Because a customer is on a budget, does NOT make them a sucker Rebecca. Some of my customers have no choice but to do a 60 month loan. They want reliable transportation, that is protected by a warranty, and they have a $250 budget. Sure they want a fair price, but the "deal" doesn't matter if that monthly payment is $400/month. This is working class America, not a So Cal or FL retirement community. My customers are not suckers because they have a budget.
jordan thomas
I'm also with Chris and Clint on this one. I'm a young(ish) working mom with 2 kids currently shopping around for a new vehicle. I have a list of NEEDS and a list of WANTS for the vehicle I'm shopping for. At the end of the day, I want my list of needs met and a payment I can afford. A 5 year payment doesn't scare me if that's what it will take for me to get the vehicle that meets my requirements. I don't think that makes me ignorant though. It just means I don't have $35k laying around for a brand new vehicle, I have a budget.

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