Biggest impact on Internet Lead Closing % and BDC Penetration

Brandon McNett
I'm working with a group of 5 Dealerships, there are a couple of luxury brands and the rest are domestics. Our Domestics are between 15-18% Closing % on internet leads. Our Luxury brands are between 10-12% Closing % on internet leads. Each dealership functions independently with slightly different processes and expectations, though I really want to ensure we're maximizing our opportunities on this end. We're striving for a 30% of our Internet leads set as an appointment / 15% of our Internet leads closed? Also pushing for 30-35% BDC Penetration (among all lead sources). What are your goals? What are your numbers? How do you recommend optimizing both of these performance metrics?
Clint Jones
If I could get a 15%-18% closing ratio on internet leads, I would be dancing in the street right now! Like RIGHT NOW! And it is raining outside RIGHT NOW, and about 35 degrees. I would go out there anyway. Explain to me how in the world you get almost a 5:1 lead to sale ratio, as well as what criteria you use to define someone as a "lead". Unless you and I are counting completely different, you are kicking ass!!!! Great job.
Brandon McNett
Clint, it's possibly a "definition issue" - but when we take out all duplicate internet leads, through the 19th we were at 15 Sold (pending and delivered) on 92 Internet leads. 16.30% of internet leads were sold. A lead is an internet lead that is submitted through any of our lead generators, website, etc. We have a BDC that takes care of our internet leads and phone ups (for most dealerships). We have a pretty tight follow up schedule. Is that inline with how you look at them?
Clint Jones
It is absolutely in line with how I look at them, and you guys rock. Brandon, I can't get 20% of my internet leads to even answer their phone or respond to an email or text message...much less sell them a car. Great job from where I am at!
Brandon McNett
Yeah, we track those as independent lead types. We have Walk-ins, Phone Ups and Internet Leads. We try to get our sales people to be as accurate as possible with lead sources....but we have a lot of "LOCATION" or "DEALER WEBSITE" as sources. I'll be training to break these bad habits as much as possible. The numbers above are just Internet Lead Types - usually we're closing over 20% of our Phone Leads (assuming they're tracked accurately) and a mixed bag of our walk ins. <- for the dealership group. As a whole, our BDC Penetration is the part that I'm concerned about - I want to see the overall # of Sold vehicles increase for our dealership and I'd like to ensure that the BDC is a catalyst for those. @ Chris - I know you're on top of a number of different things - is 30-35% a good goal for BDC Penetration?
Brandon McNett
We have 19 sales from our BDC department through yesterday out of 62 Dealership sales....looks like we have some work to do. I think the opportunities are out there for us to hit that mark. I feel like maybe we may count some different metrics, because we don't do cradle to grave - we just set appointments. Does that make a difference?

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