Biggest Issue

Robert Morgan

This may be a redundant question. I am going to ask anyway. 

What do you think would be the number one challenge facing dealers today? I do not want to sway an opinion. Trying to see if their is a consensus on the challenges we face. There are so many voices in the wilderness saying they have the solution.

Moe Bakhtiari

Great question!

In my opinion, it is this: adapting to technology.

The good ol' days of running a newspaper ad and having a busy weekend are long gone. For those that refuse to let go of the old days sadly the result will be going out of business. For the dealers that understand the ever-changing marketplace, nanotechnology and datalogix there is still a place to not only survive but thrive in today's marketplace. 

Happy Selling !

Training! Better trained salespeople, service advisors, support staff, F&I, janitors, you name it better training! 

Mark Rask

Training for sure.....

Chris K Leslie

Thats an easy one... OEM's

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