Biggest Mistake

Ron Henson
What is the biggest mistake you ever made when working a car deal?
Jason Stum
I'm going to set a reminder to answer this question in two more years after the statute of limitations have expired ;) But seriously folks, my biggest mistake happened on the 2nd car that I ever sold in my career. I was still very green, and I let my finance manager convince me that we needed to bump my customers interest rate after he had already agreed on all terms prior to signing. The finance manager bumped the rate and then adjusted the trade value and sale price of the vehicle so the customers payment was the same. Clearly his motivation was to increase his own income. When in the finance office, the customer being a sharp guy, immediately noticed that the rate was higher and the other numbers had been changed. The "but your payment is the same, it's what you agreed to" line had no effect on the customer which then led to a not so pleasant exchange. Ultimately the car was delivered and while the customer was generally happy with me personally, as you can imagine the survey he returned reflected his displeasure with the lack of transparency in the process. This was the only bad survey I ever had in my sales career and it ultimately cost me over $1,500 in bonus money from the manufacturer because this one survey dropped my overall csi score just below where it needed to be. The finance manager wasn't too happy with me when I approached him and told him he owed me $1,500 bucks :)
Mark Miller
I only tried to sell cars for a month, I quickly realized I was MUCH better in fixed ops. I had my sales manager actually instruct me to tell a customer to buy our car and let the car they currently were upside down in get repossessed. Their current car was a BHPH and not reported on their credit so our lender was unaware of it. Of course they would report the repo, but by then they'd already be in our car. I approached the customer with the idea, and immediately felt horrible. I knew two things, this was the wrong dealership to work for and I didn't like the back and forth negotiations of the car sale.
Dealer Apex
Jason that was not your fault, obviously finance Mgr did not know his job jamming the customer and making his numbers higher. You were a green Pea and did not know better. I was GM for many stores, I followed CSI scores intensely, I would have called you in to find what the problem was and then the finance Mgr and fired him for jamming one of my customers. The complete management team is to blame
Clint Jones
The very first car I ever sold, dumb 20 year old college drop out from a small farm, working a car deal in one of the 100 largest dealerships in the nation (at that time). I asked for a deposit, and when the customer asked why I messed up my word track and said "So my manager knows that you can afford to buy a car". The customer was a Dr. in the community purchasing a vehicle for his daughter. Needless to say my response pissed this guy off like nothing I had ever seen! He wrote me a deposit for the entire amount of the purchase and said "show this to your manager". I took the worksheet and the check and RAN to the tower to get a TO ASAP!!!
Ron Henson
Now that's a story Clint!

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