Blue Laws

Stan Sher
In my state of New Jersey we have the Blue Law and I personally love it. In retail so many hours are worked. Everyone deserves a day off to relax and live. I do not think dealerships should be open on Sundays at all.
Larry Schlagheck
Michigan is a little different. Michigan restricts Sunday sales to only those counties with a population of less than 130,000. As you would guess there's not too many dealerships open on Sunday. I agree with Stan that retail hours are long, but other retailers have learned to staff appropriately and obviously there's a benefit to being open or they wouldn't do so. It stinks to be working when everyone else is playing (or shopping) on the weekend, but legislating an industry's hours of operation makes no sense to me.
Alex Schoeneberger
We don't have any blue laws I'm aware of in California. I spent a lot of time working in the service industry in high school and college and weekends were when we were busiest and therefore, when I worked the most hours and when I was on commission or working for tips, also when I made the most money. It can be difficult having time with family and friends when you work on weekends and they don't, but I agree with Larry that dealers should be able to make the decision themselves to staff appropriately to cover those days or choose not to. Legislating hours of operation is not a free market behavior.
Megan Barto
We have the Blue Law as well in Pennsylvania. It's a guaranteed day off (unless you work in the Internet Department!), and the customers can come & peruse the inventory without being "bothered." We have Sunday Shoppers which we put on every car on the lot Saturday before the Sales Team leaves. They work quite well & we get quite a few customers calling in on Monday with their Sunday Shopper in hand!
Bill Simmons
We have not had the Blue Law in VA in many years. Most of the franchised dealerships are open every Sunday in our area. Not too many independent used car dealers are though except for the 2 CarMax stores.
Allen Turner
We don"t have Blue laws in Florida, and a few dealerships in our market are open on Sundays, some only the last weekend of the month or on a holiday weekend. I think my people need a dat of rest and time with their families, but I personally make that decision because of my Faith.

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