Built in Navigation vs GPS apps

Ron Henson
Have any dealers seen the improved functionality of mapping and direction apps for smartphones eroding sales of vehicles equipped with navigation?
Lauren Moses
We haven't on that front. The thing that tends to be the kicker on vehicles with nav, is that you can get turn by turn directions with OnStar at way less a year than you can for the extra cost to have nav added into a vehicle. So if they want the nav and it seems to be a deal breaker on the vehicle because they want it but don't want to pay the extra cost we remind them that they still have turn by turn directions with OnStar and that it is less expensive than adding navigation. It has really helped us save quite a few sales that we would have lost otherwise. But as for phones, no not really. Those that want Navigation don't want to have to keep looking on their phone and wasting data to use it. Versus having it in the car and readily available.
Megan Barto
In some of the Hondas (depending on the trim level) your phone GPS will actually appear on the screen. And the verbal directions come through the blue-tooth. I see more and more people opting for a vehicle WITHOUT navigation because they're so accustomed to their phone's navigation - that and we all know that Google Maps updates are free. :-)
Ron Henson
Lauren, Great comments. I know that there are many mobile apps that provide turn by turn directions and I use one myself. I'm in the process of buying my wife a new car and I certainly can't justify the additional money that they are charging for Nav.
Lauren Moses
Oh I know. It seems a little ridiculous. Do keep in mind though that if you go with GM or anything that has onstar, if you give them your credit card for ANYTHING...they keep it and use it to renew your subscription. Even if you only wanted to purchase minutes for your vehicles phone.
Daniel Wilkins
OnStar actually needs your permission to keep it on file. They also have to contact you a month before any fees are transacted unless you give them permission to do it automatically. There are also vehicles out there that use your phones GPS but can show up on your touch screen radio. This will most likely be the wave of the future.

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