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Steve Devereaux
Our dealership needs to invest in some new computers. Does anyone have any suggestions on what brands are the best value/most reliable? I personally have an HP that's been great since I bought it about a year or two ago. Before that I had a Dell, which I had a lot of problems with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Jared Hamilton
Steve, When talking dealership computer Im going to assume you are staying with PC. Ive always had great luck with my HPs too, Ive had a couple laptops and desktops and they have been near bullet proof. We also had the whole dealership outfitted with them. GREAT Machines. However, when it came time to buy new machines for the new store (this was a couple years back) I found Dell offered a better deal for what we needed so we went with them. We purchased 17 machines (if my memory is right... but thats close) and they have been great (They are 2.5 years old now) Id recommend calling their enterprise sales team and getting quotes from both so you can compare them. Today much of the hardware inside the machines are the same, its really about assembly and their service. Dell has come a long way in customer service since when they were really in the tank in 2005 and 2006. Although if HP offered the same deal and all was equal Id go with HP. Also, NADA had a group buying plan but we were able to get a better deal on our own. I guess the moral of the story is call enterprise sales, dont buy from the website alone and shop at least 2 places... Of course, now im 100% mac based... a whole separate discussion. :-) Let me know if I can help out with anything else.
Steve Devereaux
Thanks. I've actually never heard of enterprise. Is that where you usually buy computers from?
James Jalali
Hi Steve, Dell or HP are almost the same, If you are looking to purchase Desktop computer for general office work you could get a good computer that would last for 3-4 years for around $400-$500 per piece. I would make sure that they are all the same configuration as far as hardware and software. What you could do to make future software repair easy is after installing all software that you use in your office and assuming that computer is ready to go, them make an image of that computer so in future if any of those computer crash you don’t need to do hours of troubleshooting. You could simply use the image you created and restore any of problem computers in 5 minutes. James

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