Buyer's Remorse

Ron Henson
Scenario: A customer shows up at the dealership a day after making a vehicle purchase and wants to unwind the deal. At first glance, this is a negative situation for the dealership, but once you dig deeper it could be an opportunity to gain a raving fan. What is your process and policy on returns?
Clint Jones
Give them their money back, no questions and no resistance. One day later...we did something wrong. Once we have made it clear that we aren't going to hold them hostage, we start asking questions. What did we do wrong? What could we have done better? Where did we not listen or ask the right questions? Most of the time the customer simply picks out a different car. On rare occasions they walk away with their money. If the vehicle has been smoked in or pigged out, the customer is going to pay to get it back to where it was.
Dealer Apex
Tricky Question, Many dealers as Clint said will ask what did we do wrong, how can we fix it, is there another car you are interested in. what is the policy of the store and that what needs to be up-held. If there are strictly no returns then that is the policy, If you have a policy that they can exchange, well, there it is. Most dealers don't give back their money so they can go down the street and purchase from your competitor. I think it should be determined after you interview your customer. If you have a young customer and he buys a Mustang GT and wants you to take it back the next day because he beat the hell out of it I would say NO. Again, I think it should be determined on a one to one basis.

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