Call for Price

Ron Henson
What are the pros and cons of having "Call for Price" on your inventory listings? First, from a dealership perspective. Next, from a customer perspective.
Adam Ross
There are no benefits. Do you think people WON'T call if they want to know the price? Of course they will. The call to action should be "get a no-hassle price quote" or "schedule a test drive" or "take this baby home today."
Lauren Moses
Oh...Great question Ron. I am with Adam on this one. I have YET to see the benefit from customers or dealership side. A "Contact us" or "Call for Price" on all cars that don't have a special online price only makes customers call wanted the absolute lowest price right then so they can take it to the next dealership and see if they will go any lower. Then when you tell them that to get a lower price they really need to come in and make sure that it's the vehicle they want (of course in the nicest way), they get aggravated. It also causes lots of headaches on the dealership side for having to tell people they need to come in to get the best price and taking calls from customers that are at other dealerships just shopping you.
Erik Post
I heard this a long time ago, "if you don't have a price listed, you are the highest price." Now I know if the customer just loves the car and the equipment they will call to get a price. Isn't it easier to have an internet special price and just really sell the shit (pardon my French) out of the car in the description and equipment area? I think if you have killer description and pictures, the price brings them in and the description and pictures get them to call. Having call to actions like Adam said is a must. I see no benefits to having a "call for price" listed.
Keith Wilkerson
I agree with everyone here. The only time that price has any benefit is if the vehicle is fresh and the service work has yet to be completed for determination of final cost and expected price. Even then, it should only be for one day or so.
Robert Karbaum
If you want to embark on a fun experiment, remove all your prices and watch what happens. :P

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