Call Transcribing Services

Curious ... does anyone use a call monitoring service that transcribes phone ups to the sales floor and relays that information to your management? If so How much do you pay? Do you Feel it's useful?
Chris K Leslie
Are you saying that a 3rd party would listen to the call while it's happening and transcribe the conversation in a format that is read by someone on the sales floor in real time? If you want that you should just have the floor people answer the phone. No sense in throwing a roadblock in there.
Not in real time, usually the following business day and relayed to management so they can keep a pulse on phone ups/appts/activity/phone training. I know these companies/services exist, just curious if anyone here has experience with them.
Chris K Leslie
Ah I see. Have heard about some too but never have tried any. I wonder if there is any cloud based dictation services that would work too..
Curious if anyone uses or feels this type of service would be of value; and if so would you prefer to see an investment based on a per call or a flat fixed monthly?
Tony Wood
I think it'd make more since to do ranged flats. 20-30 calls cost $ where as 31-51 costs $ etc. There would have to be a method to weed out calls that are of no benefit.

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