Can you teach old dogs new tricks?

Chris Pyle
We have an older group of guys on our sales floor that have resisted learning our CRM and anything else digital for much to long. I was recently asked to start bringing these guys up to speed with things like completing tasks in their daily work plan, setting and completing appointments, putting notes, sending follow up emails etc. For the past few days I've been spending time with them and I'd like to think they're actually starting to improve! In our session this morning, one of them finally said to me "don't most dealerships have Internet departments for this sort of thing?". So I wanted to find out from everyone here at Driving sales, am I fighting a lost cause? Is there anything I can do to convince them it's in their best interest to take this whole "Internet thing" seriously? I've explained to them it's not only important, but critical to be proficient in these areas and showed them how they are severely limiting their earning potential. That being said, I can tell they just don't fully understand the gravity of their situation. Thoughts?
Lauren Moses
Chris, I say stick with it. You may be fighting an uphill battle, but it's an important one. Even if they are only in the business for another 5 years, that 5 years could be crucial to them and the dealership. Maybe do a shock and awe campaign to show them the difference. Lay out say $2000 in 100 dollar bills one morning and say, "this could be yours a month, on top of what you already make if you will do what I say" Who doesn't want extra money every month?
Chris K Leslie
The funny thing is, is that most of those guys probably have smartphones and are actually more knowledgeable than they lead on. What we have/are doing with that is focusing in on 1 number each week or month. that number might be Appt Open to Shown ratio. We rally and support everyone throughout the time span and work as hard as we can on that number and that number alone. What you start to see is that a single number with everyones focus behind it will change other numbers around it. Everyone likes this approach because instead of us trying to beat the knowledge of CRM over their head and the theory and psychology of it all. We make larger incremental impacts over time and by using smaller tangible goals that gets to the point and helps them grasp it all at a different pace.
Chris Pyle
Chris that's a great point. Do you find as the focus shifts they start to regress at all in the previous areas?
Chris Pyle
@ Lauren, I love it. You got $2,000 I can borrow? lol (just kidding)
Jonathan Dawson
Interesting question Chris, I feel like one of my specialties is getting "veterans" excited about changing. Here's a chain of thought: Results come from Consistent behaviors which comes from Habitual behaviors which comes from New behaviors come comes from New desires which comes from New focus which comes from New thinking which comes from a coach, a mentor, or an inspiration The TWO reasons you and I DO most of the things we do... 1) we enjoy doing them. 2) we feel we must do them. The things we ENJOY doing we enjoy because... 1) we feel we're good at them – I feel COMPETENT at it 2) make us feel good about ourselves – I feel BETTER when I do it 3) we feel interested in – I feel it is neat, or INTERESTING The things we feel we MUST do we do because... 1) internal consistency with self perception – I AM the sort of person who does this 2) external consistency with outside perception – people EXPECT me to do this 3) consequences are more painful than activity – if I don’t do this it will really HURT Tapping into your veteran team’s motivation is easiest when you combine a sense of enjoyment with a sense of obligation (must). I don’t want to just go on about this but let me know if you fit the following: You believe growing in your understanding of psychology will make you a better leader, you like this stuff, or you find this interesting and would enjoy learning more. It’s probably also true that you are the kind of leader who is committed to your people, you are part of a team that counts on you to figure stuff out, and you feel you absolutely must find a solution to your situation. In either case, please feel free to reach out and we can get your “ole dogs” learning new tricks in no time.

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