Car Salesmen: Never Get Stumped By Objections Again! How to Memorize Automotive Sales Word Tracks

Christian Younggren

Chris K Leslie

following something for 14 days seems totally reasonable. 

Jason Volny

@Christian The good old Me, Money, Machine. Works great to identify the true objection. Also, I love your idea of recording it. That's what I did for my salespeople. My wife is a voiceover artist, she would record all of our scripts. Then, I would give that file to my salespeople to practice on the way to work. Worked great!

Christian Younggren

@Chris Leslie-Thank you. As reasonable as it seems, sadly, many struggle to find the discipline. However, for those who do, there is a tremendous pay off. 

@Jason Volny-You're so right about the recording. Because we are normally our own biggest critic, watching yourself on video seems to force attention to detail, which in turn "ups" your game. One aspect of our training package is working 1:1 salespeople to hold them accountable for learning certain word tracks. The first few are done without video recording, but once we starting sending them and the dealer a video update of their progress it is amazing how effort and performance improve. Thank you for your feedback.

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