Carfax and Carfax's Competition

Steve Devereaux
I want to start a discussion on this topic because it seems that more and more customers are asking for vehicle history reports. We've tried to avoid buying an unlimited package with Carfax for awhile now. Right now we just run the branded title check and only run the vehicle history report when a customer asks for one. In the last year or so the number of people asking for vehicle history reports has skyrocketed. It's getting to the point where we are considering buying the Carfax unlimited package. I think the unlimited package would also make a good research tool for the dealership as well. The big name in vehicle history report is Carfax, but I've also heard they have some competition too. is their number one competitor in the United States from my understanding. Has anybody used them? Are they any good? I think it would be good to have a discussion about vehicle history reports. If you have any experiences you are willing to share please share them. I think we can all benefit as consumers of vehicle history reports from having a good discussion on them.
Jake McCracken
Steve, We use AutoCheck at our store and have had no problems at all. Every once in awhile a customer will ask if this is the same as Carfax but have never had any objections when we present an AutoCheck.
Steve Devereaux
Thanks Jake. Do you know what kind of package you have with AutoCheck? I went on their website and it says $50 for unlimited Vehicle History Reports. That would cut our expense by more they half. We are paying $3 per report we run with Carfax. Do you know if AutoCheck has any packages for car dealers that would show the vehicle history reports on the dealership website?
Bryant Gibby
@ Steve- We actually used both at our store for a couple of months as a trial period. We found that 99% of customers don't care which of the 2 you provide to them, so long as you actually have one of them printed and ready to show them. I actually found autocheck to be more detailed and accurate when you compare them side by side. The other thing that I like more about autocheck is the scoring system that they use to score each vehicle. It allows you to show the customer how the car was scored and explain that even if the car has been in an accident it must have been minor because it still scores well. The other plus is that autocheck is cheaper!!
Jordan Molstead
Autocheck is cheaper AND MORE ACCURATE. We have had several instances where the Carfax shows a vehicle to be completely clean, yet the Autoceck shows significant issues (Frame Damage, etc). Carfax is overpriced, inaccurate and attempts to make dealers look like thieves and bafoons in all their advertising. As others have said, customers dont care which report you are showing them as long as you have something. We simply tell our customers that the Autocheck report is very similar to a Carfax and actually much more accurate and we have never had a problem.
Steve Devereaux
Thanks for all of the great information! I did some research and we can actually get AutoCheck for less than Carfax and get vehicle history reports for each vehicle instead of just the branded title check. Has anyone used either Carfax or AutoCheck's mobile applications? AutoCheck has one for both Driod and iPhone, where Carfax has one for the iPhone and is getting one for the Driod on March 15.

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