Contracts - Month to Month?

Steve Devereaux
Is anyone on a month to month contract with If you recently signed a new contract with them how much did they raise your rates??
Doug Williams
Ours went from 1500 to 1899 but we got a bad video program for it. Gee, thanks
Steve Devereaux
Haha! How much does it go down if you cancel your video program? It seems like your rates are pretty good for having 150 used. Ours is about $1600 now, but we have video and the specials button (65 used). Not to change subjects, but do you like AutoCheck? Do the reports tell you if there are any opened recalls on vehicles?
Doug Williams
The Video was part of the package, I do not like it but was told I had no choice. Guess they have to justify the price increase somehow. I love Auto Check. No on the open recalls but we check that in our system anyhow. I was concerned about the lack of name recognition from the consumre point of view, but have had less then a dozen in two years ask for the CarFax instead. Worth the swap to us here in Washington.
Steve Devereaux
Are you able to check the opened recalls on vehicles that are not GM?

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