Ron Henson
What are your thoughts on Carvana?
Tyson Madliger
Their marketing is a bit insulting in my humble opinion. I prefer what our friends at PurePursuit are doing (whom we happened to meet at DSES last year, thank you very much). They seem to be more in line with helping consumers without bashing dealers.
Ron Henson
No Tyson, thank you very much! There will be some very exciting startups at DSES this year too!
Benjamin Hadley
Carvana is the future if dealers keep following instead of leading. I should mention that this opinion is my own, but if you look at the last 15 years the cycles have looked something like this... 2000ish - "Mr dealer you should get a website" 2005ish- "Mr dealer you should show your inventory online" 2009ish - "Mr dealer you should show your prices" 2015ish- "Mr dealer you should start selling online" And every year the dealer responds the same way "no no no I want them to come into the store". Meanwhile Autotrader,, truecar, Edmunds, Kbb, etc continue to fill these needs and the dealer feels like they are forced to adapting. The same will happen with carvana unless the dealer body as a whole desides to get ahead of it. And not just carvana but companies like Tesla, GM, roadster, and truecar are betting on this trend continuing.
Lauren Moses
It has to start from the manufacturers! If they manufacturers don't allow dealers to sell completely online then we are all dead in the water. There has to be a way to streamline it where every dealership across a manufacturers board has access to it and can do it the same.
Benjamin Hadley
How are manufacturers impeding the sale of used vehicles?

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