Cash or Freedom

Ron Henson
What is more motivating to dealership employees today, cash incentives or freedom for personal time off?
Parker Lukjanovs
Personally, it's a toss up for me. Cash incentives motivate me to strive to hit the goal which I can contribute more at home and financially enhanced my family's life better however more personal time is better than money because it allows more quality time. If I had to choose it would be time. People may make the argument that you need more CASH to go out and do more things with the family, however it doesn't take a nickel to have quality time with your family. So I choose personal time off, but I know not everyone thinks the way I do.
Lauren Moses
That's definitely a close call and would probably depend on how things are going at the time. If I want a little extra spending money then of course the cash. If I'm feeling over worked and exhausted then the time off would serve me better.
Alex Lau
He he... @Chris :-)
Parker Lukjanovs
@Chris 10 months ago I would've said go for the cash. But now 10 months after my wife left and being alone and seeing my son twice a week made me completely rethink the car business and to put family first above all. We're in a rough business to be in at times.
Rebecca Banner
I left the business and retired early because I was burnt out on the hours. Thankfully I did well enough. But I would still be working if it were a part time position.Bell to Bell was not fun. Now I enjoy giving back and being a behind the scenes Buyer Advocate.

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