Climbing the Dealership Ladder

Travis Williams

Share your story with the community.

How did you get into automotive and how have you climbed the ladder?

Kate Poole

I went from a parts driver/counterperson, to an accounting clerk (payable, receivable, title clerk), to a service advisor, to service manager over the last 17 years. The one word of advice I give everyone is to stop worrying about the people next to you and worry about yourself. I didn't care about my teammates performance (before being a manager) because I was worried about making myself the best. I asked for extra stuff to do when it was slow, I learned things without being asked (like DMS functions), communicate openly, and I'm always early.

I think having a background in multiple departments helped me become a manager because I get how things work in accounting and understand parts. I did work as a service manager at a small store before being where I am today at a large Toyota dealership, that helped as well.

Mark Rask

I moved from the boat industry to auto......bdc and digital marketing the whole time 

Morgan Hardy

@Mark - in my area there are a lot of boat dealerships and they have no clue what a BDC is!

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