Cold Calling

Victoria Dillabough

How often do you guys do "cold calling" to get appts? what is most effective, and what do you avoid? 

Derrick Woolfson

I consider much of the OEM manifest lists we get to be cold-calling as we have not done business with many of them; nor are they expecting a phone call. That said, it is a very low answer rate. Out of roughly 100 calls, you might get 20-25 answers. Maybe 3-5 that are interested in getting their current vehicle appraised. As for what we avoid, we really avoid the "typical" sales approach and focus more on their current vehicle, warranties, and what we can do for them. If they are not interested in purchasing a new vehicle, we always try and at least upsell service. 

Amanda Hanson

I HATE cold calling I think you just annoy and piss people off 

Amanda Hanson

thinking about this further, what best practises do you do

Amanda Hanson

hey @derrick what do you mean by OEM manifest lists?

Victoria Dillabough

Derrick, how do you drive appts then!?

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