Cold Calling...

Victoria Dillabough

This is the thing that sales team struggles with the MOST at our store. What do you guys use as training for cold calling - what's the most successful? 

Mark Rask

thats tough to make happen 

Derrick Woolfson

@Victoria - we use the OEM Manifest lists to train the sales consultants on cold-calling, the biggest challenge is that there are a lot of customers on the Manifest list that did not purchase from our dealer, but are in our PMA (Primary Marketing Area). That said, the goal is to call them, and if they do not want to purchase a new car, they need to at least try and get them to come in for service! However, what we usually run into is that they will call just once (maybe 50 calls total), and give up!! Where, as you know, you have to call at least 100 people, maybe get ahold of 35, and actually hold a conversation with 10 - it is truly a numbers game. And if they do not find "success" right away with it, then it makes it that much harder to stay consistent with the efforts! 

Chris K Leslie

I have found it’s easier to get people to make those phone calla if an email goes out a day before or so. That way it gives them a little something to call about. 

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

I've done a little over 4000 calls from service list at some point and here the trick I used to make it work pretty good.

I called about updating/validating their contact information and vehicle purchase date.

I was on the hunt for info. People would start talking. THEN you can ask something like "Oh, you'd like to change over the summer? Would you like me to show you the new Silverado?"

Then you reel back until you find some friction, and ask if it's OK you call them to see if they want to come in then.

You can also drop that "I don't know if the deal is going to be as good, but we'll see then" 

Done right, they'll ask about the current deal.

I DID NOT PITCH any promotion or product until I was allowed to by my customer.

This is easily the most common rookie mistake when it comes to CC. The lack of patience kills the deal. But when playing hard to get, customers will open up and ask to come in on their own. It's a game guys!


Bart Wilson

@Victoria, what are you defining as a "cold call"?  Are you mining your database or are you actually calling people out of the proverbial phone book?

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