Commission? Salary? Hybrid Mix?

Ron Henson

What do you feel are the most effective sales comp plans in today's world?  

Straight commission?

A base + commission?



Mark Rask

I like a base plus commission......however I am sure that most are on straight commision

Mark  Handlon

In a high volume store commission should suffice. A low volume store a base plus commission may be necessary to retain a good sales person.

Adam Shiflett

Can I change the question to include what other things do you offer out side of commission, salary and base? Do you have other benefits like additional paid time off, a uniform stipend, insurance from day one, paid cell phone, etc.? 

Germán  Delgado

I agree with Mark,  The sales volume of a dealership is factor that must be considered in order to determine a sales comp plan, but whatever the case i think a base salary  must exist, the amount of that base salary  should vary  depending the sales volume of the dealership,  higher the sales lower the base salary .

Base Salary + Commission + Volume bonus. 



Peter Jenkins

Draw + Per Car Commission + Volume Bonus + CSI Bonus (if applicable)

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