Christian Leon
I am an eCommerce Manager at a mid size dealership. I helped move my dealership from single person internet sales to coordinating the website redesign, deciding on SEO/SEM, creating email marketing, CRM, chat, dealing with vendors, etc.. I handled all the leads myself because they were afraid to expand the department. Now I have the dealership at a plateau. I spend most of my time helping the whole sales department and very little time actually selling. What should a person like me be compensated? Right now I am getting a very small salary (equivalent to 2 car deals) and commission.
Edward Shaffer
If you are doing all of that then they should have you on a straight salary or manager type pay plan...if you are acting as the appointment setter to get people in for other consultants to close, then you could structure a pay plan around that also.
Stan Sher
I am known for making a big deal about that at the dealership when I was in those shoes and then I either quit or get fired. It is a tough situation because the wrong move can get you to quit or get fired, a lot of car guys myself included are collecting unemployment now looking for jobs they cannot find. I would wait it out until the business gets better before asking for more money. You really need to get an internet team going and be the manager for the department with all of the same authority as a sales manager. But for you to do that you need to make sure the dealership can afford to make the move and you need to convince them of doing that. Again be careful that it does not backfire and leave you jobless.
Christian Leon
That has been my mode of "wait and see" I hope this slump breaks soon.
Jared Hamilton
I would think that you could have a reasonable conversation with the GM. Explain your commitment to the position and the dealership, but that supporting the other things you do is costing you income. If you can provide stats, what your sales has been and how many deals you are creating for others, I bet you would catch the GMs ear. This is a problem SO many stores face. You are not alone, that is for sure. This is a typical spot for the store to plateau, and a critical point for its future growth. If done properly, the store can support you so the situation loosens for you allowing you to leverage yourself through others better. You should be able to grow with your extra efforts. However, you will have to perform. If you do, you will be the hero, if you dont, you many need to slide back into your old pay plan. You're in a GREAT position, grab the bull by the horns, present FACTS (reports, stats, well founded projections etc) and your GM will be impressed. Most ISMs, if they learn the proper MGT an
Christian Leon
I believe in what you are saying because I am in that GM's office all the time working, coordinating marketing strategy. Facts are hard to come by with such a steep downward trend but I will do my best. Thanks

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