Controversy ALERT - Women in the car business??

Jonathan Dawson
Not trying to create too much controversy here... I was talking to my friend Criss Castle today about women in the auto industry! In my entire career I can count on 2 hands the total number of SIX-Figure car saleswomen I have met who stayed in sales for more than a couple of years before getting promoted to some type of manager or vendor. Sound off ladies in the house... Are there ANY six-figure saleswomen STILL selling cars full-time retail? I can honestly say I only know of 2 women earning $100,000+ selling cars. That's disturbing and sad. What's up?
Lauren Moses
I can't say that I know of any but as far as what's up. I think it has alot to do with the preconception that the auto industry is a "mans world". It's very old school thinking but I think it has alot to do with it. Times are changing and so we are seeing more and more women joining the force and making a great impact for the better. As it is you can already find dealership run mostly by women and some run completely by women, all the way down to mechanics and techs.
Jonathan Dawson
I do find them in management or on the vendor side (used to be in retail) but to see one in action, closing deals, building loyalty, moving serious metal... NOPE?! Rarer than a Texas Ribeye!
James Klaus
I know of one. Check our
Lauren Moses
Well I'll let you know if I ever get that high. Though I love sales it's not really where my heart is. But who knows. That may change. Money does talk.
Robert Karbaum
If you took the average salary of all the male sales people and financial services managers, and compared it against the females; the women would unequivocally come out on top.

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