Steve Devereaux
I think Craigslist BANNED us for life! Actually, that is just a joke, but they haven't been letting us post the last few days. I don't understand what we did wrong. We post about 10-15 a day and post all of the vehicle pictures in there (25-60 pictures per car). What should we do to get it to work again? Some of our old posts are still up, but I can't figure out why they aren't letting us post in the first place. We had a couple vehicles get flagged, but I can't figure out why they got flagged.. One of the ones that got flagged was a new Chevrolet Volt. The title of the listing might have done it. It said something like "GO GREEN! The NEW Chevrolet VOLT- RUNS ON ELECTRICITY". Does anyone have any idea of what we can do so we can post again? Does anyone know what we did wrong and why Craigslist doesn't like us anymore? Thanks!
Jim Bell
The 25-60 pictures per vehicle was probably the flag that was thrown up and was what got you blacklisted. If there are links to your website by clicking on the pictures, that is another way of getting blacklisted. This is what was stated in our backend of our website: "In order to use our craigslist feature you must set up integration with Picasa Web Albums. This is required because Craigslist has the ability to block images hosted by eBizAutos. In order to use this feature you need a free Google Account. If you don't have a Google Account click here to sign up. Google Accounts setup with a non gmail email address require verification before you can upload to Picasa." Using Picasa, they haven't been able to track that with the link backs. That is my guess. I have no idea how to get off the blacklist or have your listing un-ghosted. You may be done with CL for now. I know that I can only post 5 per day to avoid that issue.
Steve Devereaux
Jim.. Thanks. I'm hoping that we are just ghosted... Some of our old postings are still up, so if we post another vehicle it looks like it works, but it just doesn't post. Does your tool only allow you to post 5 per day or is that what you have always done?
Steve Devereaux
How many pictures do you put in your listings?
Jim Bell
It only allows up to 5 per day and the templates that are generated have up to 4 photos.
Steve Devereaux

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