Creative Recruiting (DrivingSales socks on the line!)

Ron Henson
What are some creative ways that you are recruiting employees for your dealership? The most creative answer, that has proven results, will get a genuine pair of DrivingSales socks. The answers will be judged by a panel of 1, me. :-) Good luck!
Mark Dubis
I find that dealers and auto recruiters are very entrepreneurial when it comes to hiring and for the most part have few issues in getting qualified candidates in the door. Where we have failed as an industry is in retaining these folks long enough for them to make a good living. The issues faced today are the same ones we talked about ten years ago, but we can save that for another discussion.
Shannon Hammons
We actually just had a Job Fair. We advertised every possible job that there is in a car dealership. A lot of people have no clue what all it takes to run the place. We had a huge turnout of people looking to work.
Jillian Marchewka
I've actually utilized my personal Facebook page to recruit quality people for our organization. I know a lot of really bright millennials that happen to be looking for good opportunities after college that aren't working retail/food service. I'd like to say that I am a pretty good recruiter, and I haven't referred anyone that I wouldn't vouch for.
Jason Stum
We've been looking to add to our marketing team, and like @Jillian, we had turned up more qualified recruits via our personal Facebook accounts than we did with our pricey Career Builder package. #Whodathunkit?

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