Critique My Homepage

Stephen Brown
The homepage of my dealership ( is constantly changing. However, we have recently run into some issues with generating traffic from our page. I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to look over the site and offer any suggestions that you feel may improve our performance. Thank you very much for your time and insights!
Mike Stoner
I like the videos showing maintenance tips. Have those also been uploaded to youtube and other video sharing sites? Offering this type of FREE helpful advice to your potential customers should be taken to a bigger arena. Cast a net far and wide. It could be helpful in driving some additional traffic to your site.
Ryan Thompson
I think the site in general is pretty clean. This is a very small suggestion but perhaps putting the buttons on the left side of the site vs the right side (read left to right). This isn't a shameless plug (well kind of) but adding chat could generate some higher conversions for you. The homepage shouldn't be the big lead gen section of the site it's the gateway to direct them to the holy grail - inventory - specials.
Manny Luna
Stephen you came to the right place! I found this on it was posted from Brian Pasch with PCG Digital Marketing.This wound be the first thing to help uour website. Top Ten Places To Publish Free Automotive Content Dealers seeking to initiate a content publishing strategy on a low budget can leverage many FREE content publishing websites to build relevance, links, and search visibility. For many car dealers, having an Automotive SEO road map may be new but it is an important part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Each website listed below allows “content” to be published and that content can come in the form of text, videos, photos, or even PDF brochures from your OEM. When published properly, these websites can also provide valuable inlinks back to your primary website. Here is a list of third party sites that allow relatively unrestricted content publishing: 1.Press Releases – and 2.PDF Brochures – and 3.Videos –,, and 4.Business Directory – and 5.Business Platform Marketing – 6.All Purpose Blogs – and 7.Automotive News Posting – 8.Automotive Inventory – and 9.Expert Articles – 10.Google Places Now you may be asking why Google Places is in the top ten when most people don't consider it a content publishing platform. However, for car dealers, their Google Places business listing is viewed hundreds or thousands of times a month. Since Google Places allows photos and videos to be posted, it is remarkable that over 80% of car dealers have not fully utilized this content feature. Your Google Places listing should be fully leveraged with content, keywords, and of course the paid Google Tag feature. Make sure your Google Places listing has all five video spots loaded. If you have any questions about this top ten list, I'm here to help. Manny Luna 832-341-1806
Ryan Thompson
Manny, Great info . I think he was just looking for some suggestions on the site though. Cheers, Ryan
Manny Luna
Ryan, You are right, I was just trying to help generating more traffic for his website, and that should help also. @Stephen it would be a good idea to add (Get Approved In 60 seconds)program, Longo Toyota the #1 Toyota dealer in the nation is doing great with it. Here are two store thats use it. Be sure to click through the inventory and see the link attached. Have a great day!!

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