CRM & Computer Costs

We are finally breaking into the 21st century and getting a new CRM and purchasing PC's for each sales reps desk. We have approx 20 salespeople. Can anyone give me an idea of a reasonable price per computer (without instal, tax etc) we should be looking to spean?
Jared Hamilton
Hi Kara - Its been a few years for me since we purchased the computers for our sales office and the showroom. We had about 18 sales people and bought a computer for each workstation in the back office for them and then put computers on all the desks on the showroom too. It was a new dealership, so not all computers were being replaced, I think we added just shy of 20 though. We went through Dells enterprise sales team, which I didnt really give us savings on price, but they helped coordinate the purchase and offers business credit if you want. Expect to pay about $500-600 for the computer including monitor. About $150 of that price is the monitor, so if you already have those you could be 3-350 per machine. You wont need anything fancy on these machines, most of them you may not even want to install MS office. For those you do add office too you will spend another 150-200 depending on the version of the software. With google docs im not sure how needed it is on all machines. Mostly sales people need access to the web visit work related sites and use the CRM system. Most machines have plenty of processing power and memory to run any web based app you will have in the store. Steve Devereaux had a similar question a few months back. Ill put a link to the discussion below. You can probably search him here, and send him a message/friend request and Im sure he would tell you how his experience recently went. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions. j
Jared Hamilton
Kara - forgot to give you the number to dell medium business sales. Here it is: 1-800-247-2097, Press 2. Here is their site with more info:
Dustin Bailey
I purchased 1 server and 12 terminals for my salespeople. And shortly after, I went to the terminal style for my service department as well. FAR more cost effective and easier to maintain than individual PC's, which I have been using for several years. Expect to spend $2500 tops for a top notch server from DELL, and varying prices on the terminals ($100-250 each), depending on your needs. The only other thing you will need are the accessories like monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
Theron Gammell
If you happen to be using Autobase, that program runs on a terminal server anyway. All you would need are the thin clients and they can access it. The computers at that point are redundant anyway. I've done that with 20 users and it runs great.
Brian Marchini
WE have been using terminals as well. The only downside to terminal servers is the licensing end if you need to add MS Office products. It seems to be working fine. Another downside is video. Much of our training online from the OEM is video based, and it just doesn't work as well with terminals. Definitely safer though. We still have regular boxes throughout the dealership, and not a week goes by without someone getting some kind of virus infection.

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