CRM: DealerSocket or ELEAD1ONE?

Chad Hernandez
Our store is currently trying to decide between these two CRMs. Curious if anyone that has had experience with both could offer their opinions. We'll be pairing it with ADP DMS, so that integration will be important.
Grant Gooley
Lot's of experience with DealerSocket and they are AWESOME! Always remember, garbage in, garbage out... It's all about the user, not the software :) Good luck!
Brian Amberg
Had plenty of experience with DealerSocket and DealerPeak. Like Grant said, it's all about the users. Accountability is key and everyone top to bottom must be held accountable. My experience taught me the biggest offenders aren't the BDC members or most of the sales people, it's the sales managers. 8 yrs. in internet sales taught me well!
Tony Wood
I've never used ELEAD1ONE, but I have used DealerSocket and I can tell you that it was a great CRM. Now that they've acquired DealerFire and have full integration with them, that opens up their capabilities quite a bit. I'm not sure about their ability to pair with ADP, but I've heard rumor that they're acquiring their own DMS as well. DealerSocket has a lot going right, not to mention their equity mining tool, RevenueRadar. We're using a different CRM now, but DealerSocket was very good to us and I sometimes miss it!
Ryan Mayo
Both Tools are great when used properly, I would have small concerns about the support of dealerSocket as I've heard negative things in that regard but if you're a good user of CRM, it has the functionality you need.
Chris Comisky
I've used both and prefer Dealer Socket. We have ADP DMS and do not have any problem integrating the two.

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