CRM; Handcuffs or tool?

Christopher Murray
We are on our third month of having any kind of CRM. Our newly assigned Performance Manager gave us a nearly perfect score in every aspect of our execution and utilization of the tool. He assures me that the increase in volume will imperceptibly change over the next several weeks and months but when we look back after a year we should see a very, very large increase in sales and retention. I am very happy to receive such a report, however, I must admit that I spend virtually my entire day on this machine! I am constantly on the telephone, sending emails, meeting with salespeople, sending letters, updating, scheduling, etc... I feel that this is the most I have ever been connected to the business but my office staff is going crazy because of my new workload.
mark rask
We are Using dealer socket. It is a great tool as long as it is monitored by management. It is hard to get the buy in from the desk managers on this
Christopher Murray
I am the GM and, quite frankly, my dedication to the tool has indeed created the buy-in that we needed but my question is; smart or dumb to be that involved in a tool?
Nikki Polifroni
Smart! But if you are the GM, you may want to delegate a lot of that down to your management. Do you have a BDC? Some computer literate SM's, a GSM? I came from a high volume dealer, most reporting and escalation was done below the GM. SM did end-of-day checkouts of the sales staff to make sure they completed all tasks, reports were generated by BDM and shared once a week or so with DP or GM. You can create that buy-in as a GM without having to become a CRM Superuser - your dedication and commitment is great! I would let your managers handle a little of the load, spread that wealth Chris! ;-)
Robert Karbaum
Definitely smart. Implementing a CRM can be significantly arduous. At sometimes seemingly downright impossible. The only way it works, is from the top down. Otherwise those who are afraid of change will try and railroad it out of existence so they can go back to their laissez faire world without accountability. Keep it up!
Christopher Murray
Nikki, I run a small store so my powers of delegation are unquestioned but I have no one to delegate too! It is my SM that is as on-board as I am but I need him running the Desk, etc... But thank you for the encouragement!

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