CRM Process Workflow

Big Tom LaPointe
Many stores I have worked around rely on embedded reports / charts, and sadly, often don't use those. However, the data is also not the cleanest, because if Mr Johnson inquires online about a car, then MRS Johnson sends in a credit app and buys the car, that lead ratio dropped from 100% to 50% if someone didn't catch it and merge the contacts - if they can be... but at least you can monitor performance month over month
Peter Ord
Stan and Tom, Great topic. The true value of any CRM is in its ability to create targeted unique processes. The more targeted the process, the more relevant the experience for the consumer. As far as Tom's point, our CRM has the ability to catch certain types of leads and change the default source to not be internet to be sure we aren't skewing reports. A credit app is a classic example of that type of lead.
Jorge Rodriguez
Here is my take on CRM's and I have written them from scratch in DBase and used a few automotive specific ones. Currently using VinSolutions and its GREAT! Ok, here it is. Any CRM is ONLY as good as the Manager that implements it!!!!!!!!!
Stan Sher
Nicely said Jorge.
Nicole Izes
I have to agree, while I've only endured three CRM conversions, merging clients has always been an issue, but with recent new sales management I've seen a significant drop in duplicate client entries by sales consultants entering 'Ups' as new entities when a current e-commerce profile exists. Current CRM is Contact Management and it doesn't seem to catch 'Duplicate' clients as well as I would like. I manually review/search all sold clients weekly to try to merge any profiles, otherwise my closing ratios are completely skewed. I've also recently implemented different settings respectively for different franchises as we have three. I would say overall I wouldn't trust my current CRM's default capabilities, but I also think this CRM is made for 'Ups' not internet, outdated in its processes and capabilities for lead management, reporting is skewed to say the least! But the update will be out soon so fingers crossed it will be a more customizable!
Derrick Woolfson

This is even more of an issue 6 years later. CRM's (for the most part) have failed to evolve when it comes to managing a work-flow. For example, if the customer does not include a phone number in the inquiry - the CRM should not then add a "phone call" task. In many cases, the task cannot be deleted, only changed to an additional email, which soon adds up. Only cluttering the sales consultants/BDC Agents work-flow, which means lost time/productivity. 

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