CRM!!! The best CRM Provider is????

Kevin Liles
What CRM tool do you use and what benefits does it have over the rest. We currently have ADP CRM and my BDC mgr wants to change.
Vincent R
My favorite system for keeping track of leads so far has been xcel. Works pretty simply.The others I have used were promax and vinsolutions.
Adam Ross
I have worked with most but the most Internet-Sales friendly are DealerSocket and Dominion WebControl, with VinSolutions not far behind.
Jim Taylor
We use Dealer Socket CRM. Track and Measure by the hour,day,week,month. Track inbound and outbound calls. Phone tracking is built in and you can see and listen to the call through the work notes. Skate alert lets us know when a sales person put someone's customer in the system that doesn't belong to them. Dealer Socket handles all floor ups,phone ups,internet leads and Chatt leads all in one place. If you have a BDC you can manage it out of Dealer Socket as well. They offer a data mining tool called Revenue Radar were you can conquest your own customer base. Store branding is another part of Dealer Socket I like as I can brand and back link to the stores website. Since I don't know everything the Dealer socket support team is there to help and they do a great job. We have been using Dealer Socket since the end of 2009. They also offer a service piece that we used for a year and because of employee buy in I had to let it go. Great mobile app for your phone as well. The dealer that I work for also has other stores and they use it as well.I have over 60 users and four sales teams and a BDC. Lastly NO they did not pay me to say this it's truly what I think thru my own personal experience. It's the people that make Dealer Socket different! Give them today and you will see what I mean.
Kevin Liles
Jim, my BDC mgr did a Dealer Socket demo and that is what he is wanting. Thx for the input.
Ryan Dunkle
I use DealerSocket at my dealership, and you won't be disappointed. They are always rolling out improvements, and updates from feedback customers like ourselves give them. Not to mention they have an amazing support staff. The thing I like about DealerSocket, is it allows the people ACTUALLY using this all day(BDC usually in most cases) to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. That's the biggest reason I chose them over VIN Solutions when I got the demos. Effective Productivity=$$! Hope this helps :)

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