Lisa Casaccio
I have EleadsOne as my CRM tool. I think their product is fantastic. Their reports are what I need to manage and measure. When I was shopping for a new CRM tool last year I thought this was the end all get all and as a tool it still is. My question is: If you use Eleads as your CRM, how has the service been lately. How has the in house training been. Are they taking care of your issues. We are finding their product to be outstanding.....their service not so much....Comments P.S. And yes we have been in touch with them....
Lisa Casaccio
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Carl Maeda
I help a few dealers with their elead CRMs and I've found their support to be pretty good. They usually respond to requests within a few hours during the day. I've been through training with several other CRMs but never with elead so I can't comment on their training.
Steve Tuschen

Being on the service side we don't get involved a whole lot when we signed up with them.  They did initial training and I know they stop in occasionally.  They have always resolved any issues as they have come up in a reasonable time.  I think you have to be a squeeky wheel if you want training, etc. from them, if you don't ask they don't offer.

mark rask

I use dealer socket. Thay have a good tool. The reports are good as well. The customer service has improved

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