CRM Tools for Managing Internet Inquiries

Steve Devereaux
Does anyone use a good CRM company for managing Internet leads? We use One Source through GM. One Source is kind of limited to what we can use it for. I would like the salesmen to have e-mails forwarded to their e-mail address or phone so that they can respond quicker, but One Source doesn't allow you to do that. Please let me know if you know of any good companies to look into and how much they cost. Thank you.
Jordan Molstead
Check out the vendor ratings on the top of your screen or to the right. Go to CRM-Sales Department and you will find all sorts of info on the best CRM vendors. From my personal experience VINSolutions, Dealersocket and IMagicLab are very good. Avoid ADP like the plague.
Shawn Vieira
I believe onesource is capable of sending a text to notify you of a lead. from that txt you will have to respond through the highlighted link to get credit from GM. Check the settings or call the help line.
Steve Devereaux
I believe that the only way you can get a e-mail notification is if you are the sales manager and/or are handling all the Internet inquiries. If you have a round robin set up with the sales staff, the sales staff can't set it up to be notified by e-mail. That's what they told me on the help line. Only one person can receive the leads by e-mail. Why? They got me there.

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