CRM - Which CRM Vendor do I choose?

James Jalali
We are a medium size independent used car dealer, I have been thinking about using CRM to manage all our, therefore I have been doing research last couple of month, came up with 15 different CRM providers and received 10 demo. I have learned a lot about CRM, and as I learn more, more questions pop up. They all have basic functions and capabilities and all support DMS and call tracking integration. Some are more expensive and some are very technology driven. As far as know ADP provide CRM tool as well. In any case get as much demo as you can with different CRM, take your time, and think about it. If you have not used CRM in your dealership, this would be a big step ahead if you are looking to get result. It takes commitment and persistent. I have not made my decision yet, fees are a big factor for us along with simplicity and practicality. Good luck in your search.
Greg Mills
James, thanks for your ideas it would be great to talk to you on the phone sometime. we currently do have a CRM, I just feel like we have maximized its full potential. The managers at the store are pushing for a more extensive system, so I definitely have the managers buy in and desire to get better. CRM is the lifeblood of our dealership and we train on CRM and sales every day to get better. Thanks again
Brian Pasch
Greg There are a number of great CRM platforms the key is to find the product and support that matches the culture of your dealership. You mentioned the possibility of outsourcing some aspects of the dealership customer process, which is a good starter question for CRM vendors. A number of my clients use eLEADS1 CRM because they have one of the largest (if not largest) call centers dedicated to the automotive industry. They can provide backstop call services as well as equity mining, be-back calls, etc. I also know that CAR-Research XRM also offers a call center service as part of their CRM offerings so check them out as well. These outsourcing partners help dealers when employee turn-over impacts lead handling performance as well as helping dealers with new revenue opportunities that they are not staffed for. On your shortlist for CRM shopping should be DealerSocket, VinSolutions, and I hear that iMagicLab has a brand new update coming soon, so check these companies out and see which has the features, support, out outsourced services that meet your needs.
Jeffrey Byrge
I've used eLEADS, Dealer Socket, and ADP. Stay away from ADP. Should you try to be sold on seamless integration, you should know that ADP has a UI that is laborious and difficult to master. I miss eLEADS and Dealer Socket. They are relatively simple. One of the challenges of being a CRM advocate at a dealership is to choose a CRM that is easy to learn and easy to use. Otherwise, you will not get full buy in from the staff, which is likely the #1 reason most CRM installs fail at dealerships. If you have that buy in as you say, you have a great advantage. Since you desire a call center, it sounds like eLEADS should be high on your list to consider. As an aside, absolutely limit the number of tasks for unsold follow up to start for the sake of ease of management. While Dealer Socket (for example) has a great product, their default follow up program is task intensive, and imo unreasonable for most dealerships. Uncompleted tasks will pile up and discourage future use. Insist on basic owner follow up. That is huge. It costs 5-10 times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep the ones you have. They are the gold to be (data) mined from your CRM. eLEADS has some good data mining programs that will help out in this regard.
Casey Copeland
We have a 5 store franchise dealer group and we have moved all of our stores to DealerSocket in this year. We have been happy with the move so far for a range of reasons. For us, the flexibility of the business rules in DealerSocket allows us to use the CRM to be more dynamic in meeting our needs or solving our process problems. I have heard great things about other CRMs mentioned like eLeads for example, but our experience with DealerSocket has been great. As you will probably hear over and over, success of the CRM is more on the people (specifically management) in the dealership than the software itself.
Matt Hamilton
I have been through DealerSocket and now Car Research, switching to Eleads at first of the year. Support was horrible for us with both Dealersocket and Car Research

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