CSI Calls

Tony Wood
For a BDC, where do CSI calls rate on level of importance? Do they take precedence over sales calls/service calls? Do they take precedence over inbound calls? Are they the absolute most important thing a BDC does? Please share your 2¢
Ricky Patrick
No, CSI calls are lower on the priority list because the customer's aren't actively waiting on information and contact from the dealer.
Michael Bilson
Could be a directive from upper management. When those scores go down...so does your inventory allocation and marketing co-op dollars from the OEM. @ Tony..I can understand where you are coming from if you are paid on showed and solds on a BDC Pay Plan. To answer your question directly.obviously inbound calls for sales or service should be your biggest ROI and conversion.
Steve Tuschen
Inbounds would be top priority, then outbound and CSI equally as long as you are following up 24 - 48 hours after the visit that should be an acceptable timetable if not consistently then may need to look at staffing.
Brandon McNett
I agree with what has been said above. CSI, from an ROI standpoint, don't generate additional revenue and honestly should already be completed by the Service/Sales team to maximize the scores and contacts. Conversely, the upper management knows what is at stake and should be able to provide necessary insight into where it should fall on a priority list. Our priority lists look like this: Inbound Calls (Service or Sales) Fresh Leads (Internet or Chat) Appointment confirmation/no shows Everything else Revenue Generating CSI calls (again because there should already be safeguards and process in place to communicate with the customers - i.e. reminders at time of contact, emails being sent, etc.) Hope this helps!
Tony Wood
My line of thinking aligns with all of yours. The reason I asked was to verify that i wasn't crazy. Our corporate HR manager jumped down my throat this morning because our CSI dropped below the region for the first time in ages. I admitted to her that I had put CSI on the back burner last month as we were having a slow month and we were making an extra hard push to generate revenue. It was then that I was informed that CSI is more important then anything else we could ever do. I disagreed and provided her with information that I felt like backed my stance. It was essentially ignored and I was flat out told to make CSI my top priority over everything else, or else. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that she is directly responsible for tracking CSI overall for the Auto Group and answering any questions that arise. Yes, I may be venting a little bit, I just find it frustrating that I'm going to have to make CSI a top focus over revenue generation. That directly contradicts my schedule and line of operation. As I said, I know and agree that CSI is important. However, it shouldn't take precedence over other aspects. Thank you for verifying my thoughts and letting me know I haven't lost track of the way one of my depts. should operate.

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