Customer Satisfaction = Good Reputation

James Jalali
My background is in IT, I have been working in automotive industry for last 10 years, I work mostly on internet exposure, inventory listing on online classified. I used to work with few used car dealer and only one at this time. I must say that most of people in this field are old school in a sense that they are in pre-2000 era of car business. Old way of advertising, old way of customer service, old way of sales approach, old way of almost everything. It is really hard to get them adapted to new way of doing business. Many used car managers specifically in used car dealers have faith in print advertising, they still used the old stupid technique to persuade customer to purchase a vehicle. Basically working in such an environment is waste of time and energy. You try hard to repair company’s already damaged image by using the right approach in your advertising and generally branding and it start working after long time by building trust with your customers and potential prospect buyers and all of a sudden your sales manager mess up you whole effort by practicing the old school approaches in every aspect of the business. We are living in the age of information science, just a single unhappy customer can mess up company’s image online by writing a bad review and you can’t do anything about it. Have you checked you dealership online lately? I truly believe that no matter what business you are in, in long run reputation is the key to any business success or failure. To earn good reputation you basically need happy customers.
Katie Colihan
Business tactics change, but strategy always remains the same. I am in complete agreement with you here. Repeat/Referral business is not only lucrative, but it's an awesome ego stroke. Someone cared enough to recommend you to someone else? And you're getting business? WIN! It's very had to teach an old dog new tricks. As I'm sure you experience, "everyone knows everything". No one wants to adapt to new things. How long did it take the majority of dealers to actually get a website? I was doing research for a vendor about a year ago, and I'd say a good 20% of dealers that I researched didn't have a functional website at all. I think it's very important for those in ANY business to continue moving forward and not to be so closed minded. It'll be your greatest downfall if you are. -Katie Colihan
James Jalali
My first and only post is from 2010 titled " Customer Satisfaction = Good Reputation ". Interestingly enough, there hasn't been any input in regard to my post but one. Isn't this right subject to discuss or it is just too sensitive? I would like to change the title of my post to “Age of transparency “. I also like to ad to something to the actual post. Well it is 2013 and we have seen big dramatic changes in almost every aspect of business in general and automotive industry specifically. Vehicles are designed and built more technology focused. Customers are more informed and educated about product they are interested in. Transparency and online reputation is a big thing, with all its flaws and cannot be avoided. With all this in mind, one thing hasn't changed much is Car Dealers mind set in most part. There are few dealers here and there that understand all obvious changes in the market and take right step guarantee their business survival. Transparency is the must have ingredient is any type business survival guide. James Jalali

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