Customer submits a lead and tells the world about his experience

Phil Cannon
A customer submitted a lead to 31 dealerships and documents his experience with each one for everyone online to see. I found this post on a BMW forum and wanted to share. It shows a customer's take on dealer's lead response system, pricing (and whether to give it initially) and reveals just how little about operations stays private anymore. The link is here: I feel this is really good information to review with your internet department. Feel free to share the parts of this post that really stand out to you.
Bart Wilson
@Phil, Great find! It would be interesting to hear the salespeople's side of this story. Also I find it eye-opening that only 22 of the 31 responded. Something is broken there.
Michael Migliorini
The most eye-opening thing for me is not the price difference but the way in which each lead was handled. It seems to me there is only really one sales process, but these internet leads were all handled very differently.
Phil Cannon
My personal favorite: Best Price Offered - Unknown, couldn't get any answers out of them via e-mail, they wanted to speak over the phone, and they won't stop e-mailing me their stupid template response letter. This one has to be the most annoying one so far, they keep sending the same form letter to me over and over and over asking me if I've driven an "Unknown" vehicle before and do I need any help researching my "Unknown" vehicle. And how soon would I be interested in purchasing my "Unknown" vehicle. If you're going to use a template based form letter at least learn how to properly fill the fields that I inputted on your website. Thanks but no thanks.. you lost this sale on pure technical inability. And they are STILL e-mailing me this stupid form letter even after I responded to them... I'm up to 7 now. I wouldn't buy a cheeseburger from a company that A) Doesn't care about the customer's method of communication and B) Can't enter fields that were entered into the website. I really feel bad for a BDC/internet rep working at one of the bad dealerships when the boss man comes in demanding to know why we're not closing more of our internet leads.
Eric Miltsch
Would be interesting to see the changes made, if any, to their processes if this experiment was done today...
Tom White Jr.
@eric I would wager the exact same result would happen should this experiment be repeated with the exception of the individuals involved - most are probably at a new dealership because their past Dealer didn't spend enough on advertising or inventory... Just sayin'

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