Customers Pictures, And Forms Oh My....

Shelby Loth
I am excited to report that I finally got one of my stores to take pictures of their clients during the delivery process. All we do is ask them if we may take their picture to post online to our website and social media platforms. Most people are fine with that and are actually really excited to take a picture by their new vehicle. And the engagement rates for people "Liking" and commenting on the pictures have been fantastic. (Check it out here: My questions are as follows: Is it legal if they just give us verbal permission to post the photo online, or do I have to have them sign something too? And do you think it is OK that I am using their full names? Or should I just use their first names and city they are from? I want to make sure everything stays on the "up and up."
Lauren Moses
I always just check to make sure they are okay with me posting photos. However we do not get them to sign anything. Our problem is remembering to take the photos if I'm not around. I mostly just snap them with my phone and then upload straight from there. Definitely want to know laws for this. No illegals here!
Jason Stum
Congrats on getting those pictures snapped and posted Shelby! It's definitely a fantastic way to connect with your guests and drive engagement on social media. When we first started doing this, we did have our guests sign a photo consent form. We've since moved to just getting verbal permission if we're posting the pic on social media or on our own website. Now if you think you might one day incorporate these photos in a tv commercial, online video ad, billboard or newspaper ad you may want to recieve written permission just in case. You can copy the photo consent form that we keep on file below: Keep up the great work!
Shelby Loth
Jason, thank you for your help on this!
Russ Chandler
Jason nailed it with his response. May want to consider asking the customer to tag themselves in the pic if possible. Not the easiest thing to actually get them to do but if you can get in the habit of asking then you'll get enough to it that it makes it worth it. Once they tag themselves, all of their friends will see it. Generally this will shoot your engagement with the post through the roof and generate additional likes to the fan page. May help to offer a coupon, carwash or promo-item in return for the tag or post by them of the photo.
Robert Karbaum
Having a written form as part of the delivery process can't hurt. Don't make it full of legalease. Make it fun. Our's has a picture of a beaver on it.

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