Danger in the Dealership

Ron Henson
This article from DrivingSales News about a man who pulled a gun in a dealership when his credit was declined made me think about some dangerous situations I encountered at my store over the years. http://bit.ly/1L4vQoV The first instance that comes to mind is the time that one of my service advisors accidentally (I think) drove a customers car through the window and into our service waiting room. Yikes! Have any of you had dangerous situations arise at your stores?
Michael Bilson
I remember my first job as a BDC representative setting appointments. Our used Manager would often run a loss leader with a couple of vehicles of same year but less mileage. We were instructed to ALWAYS schedule the customer...regardless if the unit was already sold, because as we all know....just because the car is out of market..that does not mean the customer is out. So I set the appointment for a person who asked me three times specifically if the car was still available...and I checked our Inventory log and stated that yes, it was still on the lot (albeit sold and held, but still listed on the inventory list). The customer drove 2 hours to keep his appointment. When advised that the vehicle was already gone he went ballistic. This person was 6'7 carrying at least 300 Lbs of muscle and wanted to know WHO the person was that LIED to him on the phone and wanted to see this person NOW. The desk actually had to call the police to have him escorted from the showroom (where he was loudly telling everyone in the showroom that we were liars and they should all leave, while I made myself scarce in the service area checking air pressure on tires). An hour later my GM came to my office and asked to speak to me. 2 weeks into my first automotive job I thought I was being fired for sure. Instead...My GM asked what had transpired. I told him the truth and he simply said...you know..if that situation does not arise at least twice a month in my showroom then I will know you are not working hard enough. Keep up the good work. :]
Jillian Marchewka
Just last week in the early morning when service employees were just arriving we had a guy walk into our Service Center Office and started trying to open the cash register to rob the money! Because it is summer, as soon as Service staff come in the shop doors generally stay open to try to circulate air, allowing an easy way for people to enter the building through the shop. Our Service Advisor was putting her lunch in the break room fridge and came back and found him here... She questioned him and he said he was there for "Transmission work." and then booked it out of the building and started running down the street into the neighborhood behind the dealership. We called the cops, and they patrolled the surrounding area, but they couldn't find him... But they took video footage that we could get of him to try to match him with any other robbery suspects. It took a situation like this for us to have a meeting to go over what to do if someone does come in with a weapon or something...
Ashley Mabery
Once I had a woman and her friend come into the Lexus dealership hot off happy hour. You could tell they had been drinking and were not fit to test drive. I offered to drive them in the car, but told her she could not drive the car today and would have to come back when she hadn't been drinking. She tried to fist fight me on the showroom floor.
mark rask
We had a rep get in to it with a customer on the phone.....Customer says "I am on the way down there to /### your @@@. Rep says" Come on"......customer shows and is asked to leave.....

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