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Patrick McIntyre
I am currently a candidate in Northwestern University's masters program in predictive analytics, upon completion I intend to focus my interest in the automotive retail industry given my previous 15 years experience prior to switching to forensic accounting. That said, my current class incorporates the study and analysis of dash board design, basically a screen shot display that provides critical information to the user in a concise and visual design. If you could take a few minutes and provide me with five - seven metrics that dealer executive management considers as vital information that one would access on a daily basis in order to determine the health of the enterprise, e.g., # sales, gross, turnover, days inventory, gross per car, projected gross, etc, etc. this can be broken down at the enterprise level, across business units, or functional level. Also, if you can provide a time ratio, e.g, do you want the data compared to any past performance, weekly, monthly, yearly, 3,5 year trend, a current snap shot or combination of both. Also looking forward metrics can be included as well, sales, inventory, etc.. So basically, if you had only one screen to review, and could not drill down to any additional levels, what data would you want to see on that one screen, limited to five to seven key performance metrics, e.g., Financial, customer service, parts, service, inventory, human capital, looking forward, predictive analytic, etc. I would appreciate the help. Please feel free to email me at PatrickMcIntyre2017@u.northwestern.edu
Robert Powell
Patrick - As an automotive group Cardinale Automotive Group) we developed advanced analytics and data visualization for our group. Our focus was to integrate every digital marketing channel and provide performance - conversion in the form of direct actions once a consumer is on our website (virtual dealership). After years of integration and data collecting we developed the most advanced dashboard that tracks performance of the zero moment of truth buyer with 1:1 attribution to the vehicle sold - all while tracking the velocity (contact to sold days, inventory age, total gross, etc). We developed our own web analytics that tracks consumer shopping behavior on our websites - the pulse of our dealerships are in a single dashboard that can be filtered by region, group or individual dealership. This allows us to dominate, optimize and track performance from various digital strategies in real time - increasing our performance. We do offer drill downs that show historically data that provides advanced and more detailed visualizations. Please feel free to reach out with questions. Robert S. Powell Chief Performance Officer ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH, INC. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Office: 831.642.7421 Mobile: 831.776.2955 rpowell@zmotauto.com www.zmotauto.com
Kemick Larson
Tough... and what perspective are you looking from? GM, GSM, Sales Manager, Department Director... We all look at different things. A lot of times its not only sales, but tracking what your employees are doing at the same time... Without having A you can never get to B

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