Dealer Outreach Groups

Jordan Walters
Gang,Thank you for taking the time to read this. My questions are specifically around vendor outreach groups or client advisory boards. If you have participated in one, what has been the most effective format or set up?What kind of homework or what expectation did the vendor set with you?Thank you.
Steve Tuschen
I was involved with one in house an OEM, we tackled a specific area. If vendors were involved they would be brought in and go through there program. We brought in what we were doing, what results we have seen, and what are current action plan that we are working. We then had to bring in a best practice to present. One example we looked at marketing. We brought in the vendor went through what they do and picked it apart, what we liked and didn't like, what we thought would be better. We then looked at each stores advertising campaigns, response rates, and ROI and dissected them. Everyone then presented what they are doing best in the realm of advertising, then offered opinions and ways to maybe even improve that step, at the end we got some best practices to borrow and try and some insight on how you could be doing better
Jordan Walters
Was the format in a board room, lunch, dinner, etc... I'd like the design to break the mold.
Steve Tuschen
It was 2 - 3 days depending on topic, We met as a group, broke out into smaller groups, regrouped, went out for supper in the evening together and built a relationship, we often came back the next day with a lot of discussion as the night went on everyone got smarter :). You have to remember your audience, if they are dealership people most are not use to sitting in a circle and talking all day, they are used to moving around, have a phone in their ear and a customer in the other.
Tony Wood
@Steve: I know you said what you walked away with in the end. My question is, were those implemented and did you see results based upon the implementation of those improvements?
Steve Tuschen
Yes and No. We got to shape a lot of things within the OEM from warranty, advertising, incentives for advisors. We had corporate there not to answer a question, offer an opinion, or stand up for anything, they took the information and saw how they could make it better. The best ideas I used a lot of, adapted what I could. I still use some from the meetings and refer to them from time to time, it makes me think outside the box when I get stuck in a rut and reminds me to look at a different angle.

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