CRM...The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?

Stephen Aten
Is anyone using the CRM? I presently use DealerSocket, but have website and DealerTrack DMS. Thinking of switching, so any feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly would be greatly appreciated....
Parker Lukjanovs
I have gone through their DEMO and personally didn't enjoy it. is widely known for trying to captivate business in an all in one mindset, but I feel they need to strategize better with certain products, CRM and their Paid Search platform specifically. We currently use for 3 of our websites and I love their backend tool. I can customize easily and enjoy their features for that, their best, product. I met with today, and their CRM is by far the absolute best CRM I've seen to date, if I wasn't still in a long contract with ADP I would be begging my CFO/Owners to switch to them. I would HIGHLY recommend giving them an opportunity to demo their product for you. ps. As for Dealer Socket goes, it would be a BIG step up from their Mobile technology is great and makes everything simplistic for anyone to use, but I again highly recommend demo'ing
Taylan Yu
I agree with Parker, Steve from drivecentric gave me a demo today and I was really impressed! Tracking, followup, reporting, and automated BDC are all powerful tools to give your sales guys... plus it's web based with a great app!
Heather Pridemore
I have used DealerSocket. I thought it was a great tool. I've also used Vinsolutions and now use elead1one. Just remember when you move CRMs you are trading the devil you know for the devil you don't. If you really need to switch I recommend calling elead1one they are highest rated in the industry.
Jeff Collins
@Heather "The Devil you know for the Devil you don't" HA! Gonna have to steal that one!!
Tony Wood
We are using DriveVelocity, which is now called Drivecentric. The CRM has a lot of phenomenal features, but as with any other CRM, it all boils down to garbage in/garbage out. You can have the greatest tool ever, but if you don't utilize it's features fully, then it's not going to provide you with any more success than any other tool. I do like it though and if you use it right, it's pretty amazing. Very thorough reporting, etc.

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