Dealership Apps & GeoFencing

Ron Henson
I wold love to hear from anyone out there who is using dealership apps & geofencing effectively. There are some really cool strategies being used by other industries, and I'm curious to see if any dealers are finding success with these technologies.
Lauren Moses
Ron, We aren't currently using an app but have been wanting to look into it more. One that I have found was pretty much just our website but in app form and included a QR code system that we would put the codes on each of the vehicles so customers could scan the code and get the info on that vehicle straight to their phones without having to look online. We as of yet though haven't found one that would really benefit our small dealership that was worth the money they were asking.
Thomas Ieracitano
We are currently putting a Service app in play at our 11 franchises, so stay tuned......
Sean Welsh
Ron Great timing for this post. We are working with a digital marketing partner on behalf of a few of our client's who has been doing some cool things with geo fencing and we just went live with one of our accounts 2 days ago. The testing they have shown us is great because its inexpensive to do because as you mention other industries do it but ours is just getting to the party so the cost per click is low and because hypothetically it's the lowest possible funnel client you could reach at that moment. Low risk financially but high reward if you can capture a customer right from someone's lot at the time of purchase. The potential down side is people clicking to make one final effort to keep the lot they are on honest. The message for these geo ads will be very important as will the handing of those potential leads. If you would like we would be happy to update this post with results as we get them and as other clients launch there campaign's. We are testing geo fencing in a rural dealership setting along with city dealership's with close competition so we shall see what works. Thanks for the forum post Sean Welsh
David Cyrus
Thomas! .. Actually I am also in search of such an app. So really I will anxiously wait to use your Service app. Kindly Share the details about it with me.
Robert Karbaum
Lauren, I'm curious. Does your QR system have tracking enabled, and what is your average QR scan per car?

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