Dealership Employee Turnover Increases to 72 Percent Per Year

Stephon W. Jones
I just read a stimulating article by Steve ( I wanted to add a few observations. Of the 3 true controllable expenses dealers have Advertising, Inventories, and Personnel, it is the "People" that represents the greatest challenge and the greatest opportunity for dealers. "Millennial” generation is projected to surpass the Baby Boom generation as the nation’s largest living generation according to the latest population forecast release of US Census Bureau. Our industry will need to learn to speak to their "listening" and master how they "communicate." But do not underestimate their ability and desire to succeed. This generation is not lazy. On the contrary, the Millennials are the "NOW" generation. They will work hard to get want they want and they do not want to wait 10 years to get it. Is your training process and pay plans designed for the "NOW" generation. They seek mentors and coaches not "Drill Sergeants." Are you still training with information overloaded video in some dark room or have you transformed into true OJT shadowing, role playing, and spot counseling. Are you still standing on the tower talking down or are you on the floor talking through and with?
mark rask
We are about to start building a new store. We are planning to put quite a bit of effort in to hiring millennials for that store.
jeff kasman
I does not happen in our store, but there are dealers who whore out there merch and the salesrep can sell 10 cars and make $1000.00. Theres your reason for turnover.
mark rask
jeff that is so true....we have to take care of our employees

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