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Jim Williamson
After attending DSES I am highly motivated to provide a better experience in our dealership, from service check in to the sales person's process. I would like to transition to tablets for service and sales. My question... is there a company that is already creating these apps or what is my best route to do this. I am a Chrysler Dealer and in Canada which I don't believe we have access to some of the great technology that the states does...any insight would be great
Mitch Gallant
Robert Niven has a great app for the sales process (I'm not affiliated with them). You may find that your CRM has a mobile app for sales and service too. DealerSocket (I'm not affiliated with them eihter) has a mobile app that is actually an easier, more streamlined interface to use than the desktop version. They also have a mobile version for their service scheduler that allows walk-around videos and an image of a car where the service advisor can note any damage or scratches as the car is checked in. The information on either mobile application is immediately synched with the desktop version too. Acura has developed some useful app as well - We have access to virtual tours of the MDX, RLX and TLX right now and a really great accessories app that can show the client what the accessories look like on the vehicle their buying before they buy it. The main thing to do is find out what you need or want to accomplish and see what you already have available before committing to more software or solutions.
mark rask
I pads are a great idea. Implementation is the hard part
Grant Gooley
Hey Jim! Great to see you on DS! Please keep us posted on the success of your iPad journey. Mr Rask brings a great point, execution will be the challenge. Buy in! Story of my life....
Robert Karbaum
Mitch! Great share on that video. I wonder if Sonic also sells that App?

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