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Tori Zinger

I was having a conversation this weekend with a salesperson who will most likely be promoted to a management position in the next few months. She was excited for this and confident in her abilities, but she also had some reservations about being in a leadership role for the first time.

If you're currently in a management/leadership role at your store, do you have any advice you would offer, or "what I wish I had known" anecdotes to share for someone who is taking on more responsibility, whether moving from salesperson to manager, from sales manager to general manager, or any other growth change?

Mike Cartwright

She has to realize that she is now in a leadership position. So the focus changes. It should be about how you can maximize the strength of your sales team and even every individual person of the group. She should now think bigger and strategize differently.

Also, the ability to listen. Managers don't need to talk and talk. The best sales managers listen to their teams well. They are open to suggestions. As managers, they may have their goals set but they should be open to people figuring out how to get to that goal. No need to try to control everything.

Chris K Leslie

The best leaders know they don’t always have the best ideas. They know the people who do and how to get those ideas to work with other people’s ideas. Involving everyone and uniting towards a common goal. 

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